In the knowledge industry, an institution’s greatest assets are its employees. We are committed to the development and growth of our employees and will continue to provide the necessary support and motivation in an ever evolving industry. And that is why we are the 2015 Gold Winner for the prestigious Workforce Optimas Award for Managing Change. Read below to know more about available opportunities and how you can grow your career with us.

Five Reasons to Work with us:


While we set targets and value those who meet them, we are just as concerned about ensuring that professionalism and integrity is maintained at all times. We don’t take shortcuts.

We are all about giving our best to the best

We are maniacal when it comes to quality. That is why we are rated a SETARA Tier – 5 (Excellent) institution and have obtained the coveted ISO 9001:2008 certification from SIRIM. Here you will be joining a top quality, top tier university.

We don’t just develop students, we develop our employees too

As a university, we are responsible for developing our students. As an employer, we are responsible for developing your talents and career growth through constant work relevant training opportunities. This is why we have won an international HR award in recognition of our commitment to our employees.


Every business values capital. Here we value human capital in a much deeper sense. As a part of the team, you are family and you can’t put a price on that. But just in case, we have competitive remuneration packages with attractive benefits scheme.

We are going places

From a new purpose built campus to an expansion of the university’s programmes, the future holds many exciting opportunities. And you can be part of this promising future by joining us

What we hold dear

Our values defines us as an organization.
Our corporate values are derived from our parent organization, the SMR Group.


Passion is the fuel that drives the best. Passion reminds us of the higher purpose that we work and fight for: the never-ending mission to unlock the potential that lies within each person through knowledge and education.

Passion helps us give our best to our customers. Our customers include organisations, both profit and nonprofit, the private and the public sector and individuals such as the teachers and trainers whom we serve and our students. It is passion that drives intense customer orientation.


Mutual respect of one another is key in creating a harmonious and effective company. As a team of close to 500 staff members, we value making everyone inclusive. We respect individuals and differences. There may be differences of opinion, we may disagree but we aim to strive to respect differences of opinion.

In a world that is increasing polarised by differences, we cherish diversity. We frown upon rudeness and have minimum tolerance for anyone showing disrespect to individuals for who they are.

We respect diversity and strongly believe that diversity fuels growth.


We are committed to fulfil our goals; to create innovative solutions that further people’s professional and personal growth, and to provide a platform on which these individuals can take ownership of their future. Commitment comes from a strong sense of ownership. A strong sense of ownership always differentiates the ones who are personally accountable for their own actions and those who find good excuses to explain why something cannot be achieved.


By creating an environment of passion, commitment and respect, we aim to foster innovation. To us, innovation simply means continuously improving all the time. The word innovation is much talked about today but to us as an organisation, innovation simply means continuously improving and aiming to deliver superior value to our customers.

This is the singular reason why lifelong learning is continuously emphasised within our people.

It is only with innovation, we can stretch ourselves to give out best to our customers.


As we live by these values, we reach for the most quantifiable mark of success: results. PASSION and COMMITMENT keep us going, RESPECT keeps us united, and INNOVATION keeps us ahead; together, all of us can attain RESULTS in maximising the potential for human growth and learning and deliver superior value to our stakeholders: shareholders, customers, students, employees, community and society.


  • Be passionate and deliver exceptional value
  • Be committed, honest, truthful and be professional in whatever we do
  • Respect confidentiality and focus on delivering value to the communities we serve. Do what is right even if it means losing business in the short term
  • Innovation requires team thinking and team work. We operate as a Team – we recognise that the best value is created when we work as ONE
  • Results is all that matters in this competitive and ever changing world. To ensure we help deliver value and results, we tirelessly work to develop leaders at all levels. We recognise we need to serve all of our stakeholders: shareholders, customers, students, employees, the community and society at large.


Please see the list below for current vacancies. We also invite talented individuals who wish to join us for other positions to forward  your resume and cover letter/email to


DATE POSTED JOB TITLE (Click below for details) STATUS
June 2017


Lecturer/Senior Lecturer/Asst. Professor for Psychology, Physiotherapy, Occupational Safety & Health, Biomedical Engineering, Medical Sciences, Pharmaceutical Sciences, Business & Management




June 2017


Executives/Managers in Web Development, IT & Networking, Administration, Finance, Accounting, Human Resources, Sales, Marketing




August 2017 Recruitment – Digital Marketing JD – Aug 2017 Open