08 Dec 2015
6 mins read

Pathfinder programme to help students decide on a career choice

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Cyberjaya University College of Medical Sciences introduces a new programme for SPM and STPM school leavers

The university’s Pathfinder Preparatory Programme introduces participants to the various healthcare career options available along with first-hand experiential learning modules to help students make the right choice.

Students who are curious about the healthcare industry can learn more about it through the Pathfinder Preparatory Programme.

The programme is catered to SPM and STPM school leavers and aims to introduce students to the various healthcare career options in addition to giving them a taste of university life.

To help students decide on a professional career, the four-week programme will have students participating in several experiential learning modules involving practical, hands-on training with equipment, laboratories and other healthcare facilities.

Students can obtain a first-hand experience on what a career in healthcare is all about by running experiments in a fully equipped laboratory, manage patient care in a simulated ward, operate an ambulance and learn the skills of a paramedic, understand how the human body functions using life-like models and learn to save lives in disaster relief simulation training.

Apart from experiential learning, students will also attend daily classes for general subjects including mathematics, biology, chemistry, among others to understand what they can expect to learn.

The programme also harnesses some recreational programmes to provide school leavers with a balanced pre-university experience such as participating in sports, talent time, outings and study tours with senior students and student clubs.

Upon completion of the course, students will be prepared for study in an University and be equipped with a better understanding of what a career in the healthcare sector entails in addition to obtaining important soft skills that would be beneficial in university exams or when applying for a job in the future.

School leavers will also gain an advance interview session to determine their eligibility for the university’s foundation or bachelor programmes, receive a full refund of fees upon registering for CUCMS’ foundation and bachelor courses and an accommodation at the CUCMS Varsity Lodge.

The award winning university also offers a multitude of study options including accredited courses in physiotherapy, homeopathy, pharmacy and medicine.

Programmes such as the Bachelor of Homeopathic Medical Science (Hons) is approved by Malaysian Qualifications Agency (MQA) and is concordant with the Ministry of Health and Malaysian Homeopathy Medical Council.

The university’s courses also gears students for the working world, such as their Bachelor of Pharmacy (Hons) programme, which equips students for the various disciplines of pharmacy, including pharmaceutical care, industry and research.

Students are taught basic medical sciences subjects including anatomy, physiology, microbiology and biochemistry during their first year which builds strong fundamentals for their following years of study.

The Pathfinder Preparatory Programme is open to SPM, STPM and O Level students.

Students may apply using their forecast results, with a minimum of five credits in any subjects including Mathematics and two science subjects.

The Pathfinder Programme begins in January 2016 and runs from Mondays to Fridays during office hours.

A registration fee of only RM500 and optional accommodations will be made available to outstation students if required.

Interested individuals can visit www.cybermed.edu.my/pathfinder or contact CUCMS marketing staff at 603-8313 7000 for details.


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