Diploma in Graphic Design

Be a Graphic Designer

Intake starts in March, July, October


Full-time, 2.5 years

Programme Level


Awarding Institution

University of Cyberjaya Main Campus


March, July, October
Available to International and Domestic students.
(N/0211/4/0001) 06/28 (MQA/PA 16365) 04/28


Is Diploma in Graphic Design for You?

UoC's Diploma in Graphic Design offers a dynamic and versatile programme that nurtures creative talents while imparting essential skills for success in the fast-paced realm of visual communication. Through a curriculum encompassing design principles, typography, colour theory, digital illustration, and more, students refine their creative thinking and problem-solving abilities. They can specialise and gain expertise in their desired areas with elective subjects like motion graphics, 3D modelling and texturing, story and script, multimedia audiovisual, and 3D lighting and rendering. They gain proficiency in industry-standard software and acquire expertise in crafting compelling visual narratives. With hands-on projects, students build portfolios showcasing their real-world design aptitude, positioning themselves for roles as graphic designers, UI/UX specialists, branding experts, and more. As the creative industry evolves, this diploma equips graduates to adapt to trends, explore entrepreneurial avenues, and engage with a network of industry professionals. In a digital age where visual communication reigns supreme, a diploma in graphic design opens doors to a vibrant career landscape brimming with possibilities.

Career Impact

Career Prospect

  • Art Director
  • Graphic & Advertising Designer
  • Web & Mobile App Designer
  • UI/UX & User Interface Designer
  • Motion Graphics Designer
  • Packaging Designer & Print Production Artist
  • Illustrator & Visual Content Creator
  • Brand Identity Designer
  • Social Media Graphic Designer
  • Medical Illustrator
  • Fashion Illustrator

Career Organisation

  • Advertising Agencies & Design Studios
  • Corporate In-House Design Teams
  • Publishing Companies
  • Digital Media Companies
  • Motion Graphics and Animation Studios
  • Gaming Industry
  • Film and Television
  • E-commerce Companies
  • Healthcare and Medical Organizations
  • Architecture and Interior Design Firms

Course Structure

Course Description

The Diploma in Graphic Design is a 2-year and 6-month programme that teaches print and digital design skills. It's not just about designing things – it also helps students manage their time, work with others, and think critically. The programme helps students communicate ideas visually, like making brands, layouts, and using fonts. It prepares students for jobs in design, media, and visual communication. This programme helps students prepare for design jobs as well as for further studies at the University of Cyberjaya's Creative Arts and Design degree programmes. Students are graded based on assignments (30%), projects and presentations (30%), and a final project portfolio (40%).

Course Training and Practical

• Design Fundamentals
• Software Proficiency
• UX/UI Design
• Project Management
• Portfolio Development

• Hands-on Projects
• Branding Design
• Web Design and Development
• UX/UI Design for Apps
• Portfolio Review and Critique

Year 1

  • Visual Art and Design History
  • Computer Graphic
  • Creative and Idea Generation
  • Basic Drawing
  • Design Fundamentals
  • Digital Illustration
  • English Language For Workplace
  • Colour Studies
  • Typography Studies
  • Photography 1
  • Digital Imaging

Year 2

  • Design and Visual Communication
  • Graphic Design Theory
  • Elective 1
  • DeskTop Publishing (DTP)
  • Photography 2
  • Branding Design
  • Creative Copywriting
  • Fundamentals of UX & UI
  • Advertising Design
  • Web Design and Development
  • Packaging Design and Printing
  • Marketing Principles and Strategies

Year 3

  • E-Portfolio
  • Final Year Project
  • Industrial Training


  • Motion Graphics
  • 3D Modeling & Texturing
  • Story And Script
  • Multimedia Audio Visual
  • 3D Lighting and Rendering

The Experience

Who is teaching?

Students are taught by:

  • Lecturers employed by UoC
  • Specialised Instructors and Lectures
  • Industry Professionals
  • Practising Designers

On Campus Learning

Classes are held at Cyberjaya Campus with our state of the art facilities.
Virtual Tour of University Cyberjaya Campus

Off Campus Learning

Off campus learning can include, but are not limited by the following:

• Field Work
• Practical Sessions
• Industry Visits
• Internships
• Competitions
• Networking Events
• Design Gallery Visits
• Creative industry Client Projects

Solve World Challenges

By choosing a Graphic Design diploma, students are embarking on a path that not only nurtures their creativity but also equips them with practical skills and connections for a successful and fulfilling career in the world of design. Graduates of Graphic Design are poised to tackle global challenges in the new era by using their visual communication skills to simplify complex ideas, raise awareness about critical issues, and foster innovative problem-solving. With the ability to bridge cultural gaps, visualize data for informed decision-making, and promote sustainability and digital empowerment, they have the potential to positively impact diverse areas such as education, community engagement, health, and ethical branding, contributing to a more inclusive, informed, and connected world.

Entry Requirement



SPM/ O-Levels
SPM/ O-Levels

Possesses SPM with at least credit in 3 subjects or its equivalent.


Possesses SKM Level 3 or Sijil Vokasional Malaysia (SVM), subject to screening by the University.



A Certificate (Level 3, MQF) in a relevant field with at least a CGPA of 2.00.


A pass in STPM with at least Grade C (GP 2.00) in any subject or its equivalent.


A pass in A-Level with at least Grade D in any subject.


A pass in STAM with at least Grade Maqbul.


A Pass in UEC with minimum Grade B in 3 subjects.


Other relevant equivalent qualifications recognised by the Malaysian Government, acceptable to the University.

For International Students Only

Achieve a minimum score of High Band 2 in the Malaysian University English Test (MUET) or equivalent to CEFR Mid B1.




Pass an interview (online/conventional) OR submission of student’s portfolio, to be determined by the University as required.

How to Apply

Applications can be made using our Online Registration System.
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