28 Nov 2023
5 mins read

Empowering Sustainable Futures: A Recap of University of Cyberjaya's SDG Week 2023

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The University of Cyberjaya recently hosted a dynamic and informative Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) Week from the 16th to the 20th of October 2023. The event, organised by the SDGs Taskforce Committee, aimed to foster awareness, dialogue, and actionable initiatives aligned with the United Nations' SDGs.

With 748 participants engaged over five days, the SDG Week comprised various activities ranging from forums and fitness sessions to sustainability challenges and educational documentaries. The multifaceted approach ensured a comprehensive exploration of key sustainability issues.

Day 1 Highlights:

The SDG Week kicked off with a forum and book launch on "Ecological and Salutogenic Design for a Sustainable Healthy Global Society." Dato Dr. Ar Ken Yeang, Prof. Dr. Alan Dilani Ken, and Arch Angela shared insights on ecological design principles. The event emphasised the importance of clean air, water, food, and land for a sustainable future.

Day 2 Focus:

The second day featured a lively Zumba session, a fitness assessment by Celebrity Fitness, and a forum discussing sustainable business models. Panellists from various sectors highlighted the importance of integrating sustainability frameworks into daily practices and emphasised the value of clear visions beyond profit.

Day 2 also included a Sustainability Challenge, raising awareness about the environmental impact of waste and promoting circular economy solutions. Concurrently, a candle-making workshop provided hands-on experiences to participants.

Day 3 Exploration:

The third day centred around a forum on Sustainable Food Systems, addressing crucial topics such as food supply chains, reducing environmental impact, and supporting farmers. A field visit to sustainable buildings further enriched participants' understanding of ESG principles and renewable energy.

Day 4 Insights:

The penultimate day included forums on diet and lifestyle modification for diabetic patients and the role of Zakat in SDGs. A stress management workshop for secondary school students, conducted bilingually, highlighted the importance of mental health in sustainable living.

Day 5: Fitness, Forums, and Closure:

The final day featured fitness sessions, a forum on biodiversity and climate change, and the screening of the documentary 'Seaspiracy.' The closing ceremony acknowledged winners of various contests and featured a research and innovation exhibition, emphasising the impact of studies and innovations related to SDGs.

Zero Waste Fest:

Throughout the week, the Zero Waste Fest, in collaboration with Veg-Hub, showcased 13 local businesses promoting plant-based food and eco-friendly products. This initiative aimed to reduce single-use plastic and encourage sustainable consumer choices.

University of Cyberjaya's SDG Week 2023 was a resounding success, fostering awareness, engagement, and actionable steps towards a sustainable future. The diverse range of activities underscored the university's commitment to shaping responsible and environmentally conscious global citizens. As the event concluded, the echoes of discussions and the shared commitment to SDGs linger, creating a lasting impact on the university community.

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