18 Dec 2023
7 mins read

Crafting Beauty: A Journey from Childhood Play to Makeup Mastery at the Beauty Innovators Workshop

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Article by Humaira Haris, ISPE Public Relations Subcommittee

Makeup has always been every girl’s best friend during childhood, evolving from the secretive play with their mother’s cosmetics to finally possessing a collection of their own as they step into adulthood. It is a journey from experimenting with overly vibrant lipstick to mastering the art with finesse.

Recognising this universal fascination, our Faculty of Pharmacy (FOP) collaborated seamlessly with the International Society for Pharmaceutical Engineering (ISPE) and Diploma in Cosmetics (DiCos) to orchestrate the very first Beauty Innovators and Makeup Mastery Workshop. This workshop was a tribute to all the girls who, for the first time, had the opportunity to transform their childhood dreams into reality by crafting their own makeup products, from personalised loose powder to shimmering shades of eyeshadow, and their favourite lipstick shade. All participants were given a unique chance to blend raw materials themselves according to carefully crafted formulation sheets, with expert guidance from seasoned instructors. Participants who are graduates of the Diploma in Cosmetics programme particularly showcased their exemplary proficiency, affirming their outstanding expertise in formula craftmanship.

The Beauty Innovators and Makeup Mastery Workshop also took a significant step towards inclusivity in the beauty industry. Embracing the diverse spectrum of beauty, this workshop aimed to break away from traditional beauty standards and foster an environment where every individual, regardless of their skin tone, could feel represented and included.

In the intricate process of creating loose powder, participants delved into understanding and embracing their natural skin tones. Experimentation with varying amounts of yellow, brown, and red pigments allowed each participant to tailor their formulation to perfection. The result was a diverse array of powders, catering to individual skin tones, some accentuated by yellow undertones, others by browner hues, and some by richer red tones. The artistry continued with eyeshadow curation, where each girl had the freedom to determine the colour palette and shimmer intensity according to their personal preferences.

As the day progressed, participants ventured into the fascinating realm of lipstick making, melting waxes, and blending ingredients to manifest a spectrum of lip colours. Some opted for nude elegance, while others embraced bold reds or delicate rosy pinks—a testament to the diversity of beauty preferences. The entire experience was not only educational but also proved to be a joyous and memorable affair, leaving an indelible mark on all involved, including the esteemed lecturers.

Complementing the hands-on activities, the workshop also featured a captivating makeup demonstration led by Ms. Zakirah Zainal, a renowned makeup artist, social media influencer and beauty business owner. Our honoured guest shared invaluable insights into correct techniques, tips, and tricks, unveiling the secrets to achieving an effortlessly chic look. The mesmerizing outcome of the makeup demonstration left everyone in awe. Ms. Zakirah Zainal generously addressed all queries, providing a fulfilling conclusion to our workshop.

Beyond the transformative makeup experiences, this workshop served as a profound journey of self-discovery and acceptance. We are all beautiful in our own way; we just have to learn to embrace and appreciate the true beauty that lies in our imperfections.

We extend our heartfelt gratitude to each and every participant for joining us at this transformative event. Your dedication to exploring the art of makeup and embracing the diverse facets of beauty has made this workshop truly special. As we bid farewell to this phase of Beauty Innovators and Makeup Mastery, we eagerly anticipate the next chapter. Follow us on Instagram @ispeuoc and we look forward to having you join us again in the future to delve further into the world of beauty innovation.

This event contributes to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals:

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