24 Mar 2023
4 mins read

Center for Research and Graduate Studies Hosts Tea Party for Postgraduate Students, Fostering Knowledge Sharing and Networking

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The Center for Research and Graduate Studies at the University of the Cyberjaya (UoC) recently held a Tea Party event for all postgraduate students. The event’s purpose was to facilitate networking efforts among the students, with the goal of knowledge sharing and helping each other overcome challenges faced in their respective programmes.

The Postgraduate Tea Party was held at the University’s VIP suite and was attended by UoC’s local and international postgraduate students. The event started with a presentation from Prof. Dr. Shamima Abdul Rahman, the programme coordinator, who discussed the study timeline for the year 2023. The presentation was followed with a lively discussion among students who shared their thoughts on the presentation and their own experiences in their respective programmes.

One student, Tanzira Noor, a full-time PhD medical science student from Bangladesh, found the tea party a great initiative to get to know her fellow postgraduate students. “This tea party is a great opportunity to share our thoughts and ideas and learn about time management strategies from my peers,” said Tanzira.

In the spirit of cultural exchange, Tanzira Noor brought a special treat – Bangladesh's traditional sweet, Golap Pitha, a rose-shaped pastry coated in sweet sugary sauce. The other students were thrilled to sample this delicious treat and learn about Tanzira's cultural background.

Another student, Muhammad Redza Fahmi bin Mod Razif, a full-time PhD in Pharmaceutical Science student from Malaysia, loved the supportive environment created during the tea party. He appreciated how the students could share their experiences and challenges with each other and offer advice and support throughout their shared journey as postgraduate students. “'This initiative is much needed, especially for postgraduates. We are always bogged down with our thesis, and by doing this kind of gathering, it gives us a breather,” said Muhammad Redza.

The event was a great success and achieved its goal of bringing together students from different backgrounds to share knowledge and build relationships.

In conclusion, the Center for Research and Graduate Studies' tea party was a valuable opportunity for postgraduate students to connect and share their experiences. The event's success demonstrates the importance of creating a supportive academic environment for students to succeed.

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