07 May 2024
4 mins read

42 Staff Receive Raya Aid from TAZUoC

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Cyberjaya, April 24 - University of Cyberjaya (UoC) has brought the festive Raya Aidilfitri cheer by extending a helping hand to its employees through the UoC Zakat and Welfare Trust Fund (TAZUoC). In a heartwarming gesture, TAZUoC has provided Hari Raya assistance to 42 deserving staff members from various departments, including those employed by the University’s contracted cleaning staff.

"This is an annual TAZUoC event for the past few years when assistance is given to B40 category staff in conjunction with Hari Raya. Although the amount given is not large, it can ease the burden on the staff to celebrate Raya," said TAZUoC Chairman, Associate Professor Mohammad Saidy.

"We would like to express our gratitude to the donors and zakat payers through whose contributions we were able to make this initiative a success", he added.

This annual Raya aid is allocated across two categories for eligible employees. The first category is designated for employees with dependent family members, while the second is for single employees from the B40 income group. This classification aims to provide the appropriate amount of aid to each category, ensuring the employees receive the required support.

This year, the Raya donation fund of RM8750 included an exceptional contribution from the Vice Chancellor, Professor Zabidi Azhar Mohd Hussin, further highlighting the leadership's commitment to the well-being of University of Cyberjaya’s community.

"On behalf of the cleaning contract workers at ABT, I want to express our gratitude for TAZUoC's generous Raya aid. This assistance has lifted a great burden during the festive season," said Kamal Effendi, the cleaning supervisor.

"I am very grateful for the Raya assistance given to me. It has helped my wife, children and me. I appreciate this initiative from TAZUoC," said a staff member from the family category who preferred to remain anonymous.

The university's continuous efforts to support its staff, especially during significant cultural celebrations, exemplify the values of compassion and solidarity that University of Cyberjaya stands for. As the festive lights of Hari Raya illuminate the campus, the spirit of togetherness shines just as brightly within University of Cyberjaya.

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