07 Jan 2022
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University of Cyberjaya Establishes Faculty of Psychology and Social Sciences

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University of Cyberjaya Establishes Faculty of Psychology and Social Sciences

Cyberjaya, 7th January 2022 As an institution that have focused on healthcare and the sciences, we are glad to announce that as of January 2022, University of Cyberjaya (UoC) has established its very own Faculty of Psychology and Social Sciences. On the 3rd of January, the University welcomed Associate Professor Dr. Anasuya Jegathevi as the Dean for the new Faculty.

Dr. Anasuya holds a Doctorate in Counselling and has worked at HELP University and Taylor’s University in leading various undergraduate and postgraduate psychology & counselling programmes. Dr. Anasuya received her Research Doctorate for Counseling Psychology from the University of South Australia in 2007 and have since been active in the academic line dedicated towards counselling and psychology. After her stint as an Associate Professor at HELP University for almost a decade, Dr. Anasuya went on to become the Psychology Programme Director at Taylor’s University. In 2020, she became the Director for the Centre for Human Excellence and Development as well as the Programme Director for the University’s Master of Counselling Psychology.

The establishment of the Faculty of Psychology and Social Sciences at UoC comes about after the establishment of the Psychology programme at the University since 2013. The University currently carries Psychology programmes at all levels, including a Diploma, an undergraduate as well as a postgraduate-taught programme. The University’s Foundation in Allied Science is specifically tailored to shape students to progress directly to the undergraduate Psychology programme. There are also plans underway to introduce other social science related programmes under the faculty in the near future.

The University recognizes the importance of mental health and the need for more professionals in the field. Currently, there is only 1 Psychologist per 100,000 Malaysians, according to a News Straits Times source. Much lower than the recommended WHO ratio of 1 for every 10,000 people. At University of Cyberjaya, students gain access to academics who are dedicated towards their profession as an educator as well as in the field of mental health.

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