21 Dec 2023
6 mins read

Spreading Light, Sharing Hope: Deepavali for All

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The Minister presented funds raised independently by the Faculty of Business & Technology of UoC to 15 single-parent families from B40 households in the Klang Valley.

Deepavali, the Festival of Lights, resonated with profound significance as the Faculty of Business and Technology at the University of Cyberjaya (UoC) illuminated hearts and minds through their event "Spreading Light, Sharing Hope: Deepavali for All." The event intertwined traditional celebrations with a deeper exploration of its spiritual essence.

At this vibrant celebration were 400 individuals, graced by cultural performances, sumptuous meals, and acts of benevolence. Beyond the revelry, this event showcased the remarkable dedication of UoC's Faculty of Business & Technology students and staff.

The Faculty showcased an exemplary display of community support by independently raising a total sum of RM7,500. YB Tuan V Sivakumar, Minister of Human Resources, Malaysia, commended the Faculty, stating, “To this end, I am glad that the Faculty of Business and Technology has arranged for the aid to single parents from the B40 group. I commend them for this noble initiative”.

The minister presented this self-raise amount to 15 single-parent families from B40 households in Klang Valley from Desaria Apartments in PJ, allocating RM500 to each family. The aid was specifically designated to assist with essential needs, encompassing groceries, apparel, transportation, and education. The Minister recognised and praised this independent fundraising effort by the Faculty as it directly impacted and supported these families in their daily lives.

YB Tuan V Sivakumar, the Malaysian Human Resources Minister, delivers his speech during the Spreading Light, Sharing Hope: Deepavali for All event.

This event was a testament to inclusivity, transcending faith and backgrounds, and fostering an environment of unity, fun, and mutual understanding. Professor Dr Zabidi Hussin, Vice Chancellor of UoC, emphasised the institution's unwavering commitment to diversity and inclusion. "The University’s management always underscores the importance of inclusivity through intercultural learning experiences amongst its student community. This wealth of cultural diversity at the University facilitates intercultural learning, paving the way for a new generation of youth".

Ms. Priya Sukirthanandan, the Deputy Dean of the Faculty of Business & Technology, extended a warm welcome to the special guests of the day, the children and parents from the households who received the aid. "We aim to ensure that our esteemed guests experience a joy-filled day and share in the happiness emanating from our collective celebration. Their presence enriches our festivities, reinforcing the importance of compassion and solidarity within our university community".

Through "Spreading Light, Sharing Hope: Deepavali for All," UoC personified the transformational power of collective goodwill, embodying the essence of unleashing changemakers within society.

The resounding success of "Spreading Light, Sharing Hope: Deepavali for All" underscored the potential impact of collaborative efforts in fostering societal change. This celebration was a testament to the belief that collective goodwill knows no limits and has the power to illuminate countless lives, transcending cultural divides and resonating as a testament to the profound beauty of humanity's shared values.

This event contributes to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals:

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