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Be a Nurse

Intake starts in March, July, October


Full-time: 3 years

Programme Level


Awarding Institution

University of Cyberjaya Main Campus


March, July, October
Available to International and Domestic students.
(R2/723/4/0105)P 03/24(MQA/FA4118)12/22


Is Diploma in Nursing for You?

This 3 years diploma programme prepares you to be a qualified nurse, recognised in Malaysia and neighbouring countries such as Singapore and Brunei as well as globally. Graduates from this programme will be officially registered with the Malaysian Nursing Board upon passing the Malaysian Nursing Board exam at the end of their 3 years course. Students who successfully complete this diploma will be exposed to a number of opportunities with local government and private hospitals.

As healthcare needs continue to evolve, our programme is regularly updated to keep pace with the latest developments in the medical field, ensuring our graduates are not only ready to meet the demands of today's healthcare landscape but are also prepared to adapt to future challenges. Join us at the University of Cyberjaya to embark on a transformative journey into the heart of healthcare with our Nursing Diploma programme. Prepare to make a significant impact on the lives of individuals and communities while paving the way for a rewarding and impactful career in nursing.

Career Impact

Career Prospect

Upon completing their Nursing Diploma, graduates have the option to advance to a Bachelor’s degree in Nursing or enter the healthcare workforce as a:

  • Clinical Nurse Specialist
  • Clinical Instructor
  • Nurse Researcher
  • Nurse Informatics
  • Nurse Entrepreneur
  • Nurse Practitioner

Career Organisation

Graduates of this diploma programme can also expect to find fulfilling careers at:

  • Public hospitals
  • Private medical centres
  • Community clinics
  • Industry setting
  • Other healthcare facilities

Course Structure

Course Description

The Diploma in Nursing programme at UoC is a three-year course (9 semesters) that is designed to equip students with the skills and knowledge to become a qualified nurse, with eligibility for employment in Malaysia’s healthcare system and beyond. The course offers a blend of theoretical knowledge and practical experience, ensuring readiness for the nursing profession. Various job opportunities awaits upon completion of the Malaysian Nursing Board exam.

Year 1

  • Anatomy, Physiology and Biochemistry I
  • Psychology & Sociology
  • Fundamentals of Nursing
  • Clinical Practice I
  • Anatomy, Physiology and Biochemistry II
  • Pharmacology
  • Microbiology, Parasitology & Immunology
  • Communication, Interpersonal Relationship, Professionalism & Counselling
  • Introduction to Medical-Surgical Nursing
  • Clinical Practice II
  • Clinical Practice III

Year 2

  • Cardiovascular & Respiratory Nursing
  • Gastrointestinal Nursing
  • Hemopoietic and Oncology Nursing
  • Integumentary and Autoimmune and Communicable
  • Disease Nursing
  • Clinical Practice IV
  • Nervous System and Endocrine Nursing
  • Musculoskeletal and Urogenital Nursing
  • Opthalmology and Otorhinolaryngology Nursing
  • Clinical Practice V
  • Clinical Practice VI

Year 3

  • Obstetric & Gynecology and Paediatric Nursing
  • Mental Health Nursing
  • Ethics and Law
  • Clinical Practice VII
  • Community Health Nursing
  • Management
  • Introduction to Entrepreneurship
  • English Language for Workplace
  • Emergency and Intensive Care Nursing
  • Research Methodology
  • Clinical Practice VII
  • Clinical Practice IX

The Experience

Who is teaching?

Students are taught by Professors, Nursing lecturers and clinical instructors with vast experience in their field.

Our Nursing Diploma will be using various teaching methods which include:

  • Lectures, tutorials and practical
  • Mock ward sessions
  • Hospital/ clinical attachment

On Campus Learning

Classes are held at Cyberjaya Campus with our state-of-the-art facilities.
Virtual Tour of University Cyberjaya Campus

Off Campus Learning

Learning will take place during clinical placement where students are posted at the various hospitals, clinics and other healthcare settings, enhancing their practical skills and professional readiness.

Entry Requirement




Pass SPM or equivalent with five (5) credits:

Mandatory credit in Bahasa Melayu and Mathematics (Elementary, Additional or Modern)

AND 1 credit in either:

  • General Science
  • Biology
  • Chemistry
  • Physics
  • Applied Science


Credit in two (2) other subjects


Pass in English

Assistant Nurse Certificate/ Community Nurse Certificate

Pass SPM.

Registered with the MNB

Possesses a current Annual Practicing Certificate (APC) for nurses from MNB.

Minimum three (3) years clinical working experience.

For International Students Only

Minimum IELTS score of 5.5 or equivalent


*Equivalent-refers to the overseas academic qualification obtained that is equivalent to SPM as approved by MQA.

How to Apply

Applications can be made using our Online Registration System.
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