05 Jul 2024
2 mins read

Postgraduate Proposal Defence Seminar: A Platform for Academic Excellence

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The Postgraduate Proposal Defence Seminar, a crucial event for postgraduate students, was a resounding success. Held on June 5th, this seminar served as a vital platform for postgraduate students to showcase their research proposals. Whether presenting their work or engaging as participants, the students benefitted immensely from this academic exercise.

The seminar featured postgraduate students who shared their research proposals. These presentations were met with keen interest and constructive feedback from experienced peers and faculty members representing various disciplines. This collaborative environment fostered robust academic discourse and gave the presenters valuable insights to refine their proposals.

In addition to the feedback from peers and faculty, the seminar invited assessors from multidisciplinary fields to evaluate the proposals. This diverse panel ensured a comprehensive and rigorous assessment process, which is crucial for advancing the research to the execution phase.

The Postgraduate Proposal Defence Seminar is not just a platform for showcasing research; it is a testament to the University of Cyberjaya's commitment to fostering academic excellence and intellectual growth. As these students move forward with their research projects, the insights and feedback gained from this seminar will undoubtedly guide them towards achieving their academic goals.

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