20 Oct 2022
4 mins read

University of Cyberjaya Hosts Outreach with Orang Asli Community

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University of Cyberjaya Hosts Outreach with Orang Asli Community - Program Kembara Keluarga UOC@Dengkil 2022

Cyberjaya, 15th October 2022 – The Welfare Unit of University of Cyberjaya recently hosted a Corporate Social Responsibility programme at Kampung Orang Asli Bukit Dugang, Dengkil as part of its efforts to expose students in volunteerism activities. The activity which took place on Saturday, 15th October 2022 was participated by a total of 50 people from University of Cyberjaya which included both local and international students along with staff from the Student Affairs department.

The programme which had full support from Pusat Khidmat Masyarakat DUN N55 Dengkil and several government agencies included various activities such as communal work and cleaning, sports activities, colouring competitions and more.

International students who were new to the experience took the opportunity to get to know the Orang Asli community, the way went about their lives, as well as their culture and traditions.

“It was great experience to mingle with the Orang Asli community, and heart-warming to witness their simple lifestyle and how genuine they are. The children in the community are full of energy and are very smart. They were able to understand the instructions to the games and activities very easily. I couldn’t speak with them due to my poor Malay language speaking skills, but I could tell how happy they were that we visited them,” said Tammam Dandy, Year 2 Biomedical Engineering Technology student.

“I’ve always wanted to join a programme like this. It was a great experience to be able to give back to the Orang Asli community who warmly welcomed us into their lives. It was a good day of meeting new people, having fun with the children, sharing experiences and stories and more. It has opened my eyes and heart to do more for the community,” said Nur Dini Batrisyia binti Ahmad Shahrul Azhar, Year 1 MBBS student.

With these events, University of Cyberjaya upholds the values of unity and togetherness while nurturing its students to have a passion to care for the betterment of society.

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