22 May 2023
4 mins read

Malaysian Homeopathy Graduates Association (MHGA) Launched at University of Cyberjaya

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University of Cyberjaya, renowned for its commitment to academic excellence and fostering innovation, reached yet another milestone on 7th May 2023. The launching of the Malaysian Homeopathy Graduates Association (MHGA) took place at the university, marking a momentous occasion for its Faculty of Traditional and Complementary Medicine.

Led by passionate alumni, the MHGA aims to uphold the significance and existence of homeopathy through the implementation of policies, rules, and a code of ethics. This event not only celebrates the association's establishment but also highlights University of Cyberjaya's nurturing environment for groundbreaking research and innovation.

Professor Dr. Zabidi Hussin, Vice Chancellor of the University of Cyberjaya, officiated the event, lending his support and emphasising the university's commitment to promoting Traditional and Complementary Medicine. Associate Professor Dr. Ibrahim Usman Mhaisker, the Dean of the Faculty of Traditional and Complementary Medicine, was also present, symbolising the faculty's integral role in fostering homeopathic education.

The MHGA, spearheaded by University of Cyberjaya's Bachelor of Homeopathic Medical Science (Hons) alumni, aims to advocate for homeopathy and its importance within the Malaysian healthcare landscape. Through the enactment of policies, rules, and a code of ethics, the association seeks to create a supportive and regulated environment for homeopathic practitioners. By upholding professional standards and promoting ethical practices, the MHGA strives to foster trust and confidence among the public regarding homeopathic medicine.

The MHGA is fortunate to have a dedicated and passionate team of board members, led by President Nurul Sofiyah binti Md Shater. She is recognised for her outstanding achievements and dedication to the field of homeopathic medicine and was honoured with the Alumni Excellence Award last year. Nurul Sofiyah is also the founder of Sofea Homeopathy Centre, a renowned establishment dedicated to providing holistic homeopathic treatments.

With the guidance and support of the university's esteemed faculty members and the passion of its alumni, the MHGA is set to play a crucial role in upholding professional standards and advocating for homeopathy. This milestone event further solidifies University of Cyberjaya's reputation as an institution dedicated to nurturing innovation, empowering students, and contributing to societal advancements.

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