26 Jan 2022
5 mins read

Cyberjaya University Pharmacy Students’ Society (CUPSS) Wins MyPSA Best Society Award for 2020/2021

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Cyberjaya University Pharmacy Students' Society (CUPSS) Wins MyPSA Best Society Award for 2020/2021

Cyberjaya, 26th January 2022 The University of Cyberjaya is proud of its Pharmacy students from the Cyberjaya University Pharmacy Students’ Society (CUPSS) for recently winning the MyPSA 20/21 Best Local Society Award for Institut Pengajian Tinggi Swasta (IPTS).

The Malaysian Pharmacy Students’ Association (MyPSA) Best Local Society Award for Institut Pengajian Tinggi Swasta (IPTS) is a special award given by MyPSA to the Local Pharmacy Society of IPTS that has outshined and achieved milestones during the whole tenure.

The selection is usually based on a merit and voting system whereby a merit is given according to the events organised by the local society. It could be organised by the own faculty or under MyPSA and the participation of the local society members in MyPSA, or events by the International Pharmaceutical Students’ Federation, and International Pharmaceutical Students’ Federation-Asia Pacific Regional Office. Mainboards of 20 local societies under MyPSA will then cast one vote on a society of their choice.

Under the leadership of CUPSS’s president, Muhammad Khairul Aiman bin Mahamud, the winning society has organised numerous events from community outreach programmes such as the Ramadhan Pack Donation Drive and MyPSA Karnival Mesra Ubat (KaMU) 2021 to faculty-wide competitions like the 7th Faculty of Pharmacy Competition (FOPC) 2021 and 8th Faculty of Pharmacy Sports Carnival (FOPSC) 2021. The 20/21 Committee has worked hard to provide its members with events that promote their development and welfare.

Khairul Aiman says, “To be honest, we didn’t see this coming but winning this prestigious award is an honour and an absolute pleasure for us as receiving this award is a dream for every pharmacy society to have. We feel blessed to receive it. I can genuinely say that this award came from the support of every single lecturer, staff, committee member and student from our faculty. I would like to take this opportunity to thank all of them.”

CUPSS 20/21 has proved to be an active presence in MyPSA with 20 members holding positions as the MyPSA Committee and Subcomittee 2020/2021 and with participation in various MyPSA events. They include the MyPSA National Pharmacy Sports Carnival (NPSC) 2020, for which CUPSS won the 2nd place overall, and the 1st MyPSA Pharmacy Competition: Clinical Pharmacy Challenge 2021 which was participated by 7 CUPSS members.

The committee members of CUPSS 21/22 hopes this award starts a winning streak that allows them to maintain the title as MyPSA’s Best Local Society for years to come.

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