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The University of Cyberjaya’s Library & Knowledge Management Centre (UoC Library) was established in 2006 and is designed to complement all specialisations and fields offered at the University of Cyberjaya. To date, the library holds a total of more than 18,000 physical collections. In addition to printed collections, the library also maintains a large collection of electronic journals and databases accessible online. This allows students to have the best of both worlds, making it possible to study and enhance their knowledge both on and off campus.

The UoC Library also operates and maintains three other Resource Centres located in Sepang, Selangor, Melaka and Seri Manjung, Perak where students are taking on their practical learning.

We also use VIRTUA LMS, an integrated library management system provided by VTLS, which records all titles in the library. Library holdings can be accessed through the WebOPAC (Online Public Access Catalogue).

Opening Hours

Monday-Friday: 9.15 AM - 6.00 PM

Saturday, Sunday and Public Holidays: CLOSED
Borrowing & Returning


Staff and Students

  • Students need a valid student card to borrow library items.
  • Check-out is done at the Circulation Counter.



  • Staff members need a valid staff card to borrow library items.
  • Check-out is done at the Circulation Counter.
Renewal Service

Items on loan can be renewed by users by logging onto Web OPAC as long as no one is reserving the item. Each renewal extends the due date by the same length of time as the user has checked the item out originally. The renewal period starts on the day the renewal was made, and not the original date the item was due. We recommend users not wait until the last minute before renewing an item in case it can’t be renewed for any reason. The user is responsible for late fees if an item cannot be renewed and is returned late.

How to renew an item?


  • Log in to the Library account
  • Click on the Checked-out item
  • Check the box beside the item you would like to renew
  • Click the Renew button


Via Facebook

  • Sign in to your Facebook account
  • Search for the UoC Library page
  • In a direct message to the page, please send us your Name & Student / Staff ID No. at the University of Cyberjaya Library & Knowledge Management Centre page


Via E-mail

  • Sign in to your University e-mail account
  • Send an e-mail to with the item details that needs to be renewed.


Via Phone

  • Call the Circulation Counter at 03-83137187 between library opening hours.

At the Library

  • Users can walk-in at UoC Library's Circulation Counter and ask assistance to renew your item (s). 



Inter-Library Loan (ILL)
Can’t find what you want? Try the inter-library loan (ILL). The ILL service allows users to access material which are not held at the library. ILL supports the scholarly research and curriculum needs of current University of Cyberjaya academic staff and students. This service is offered when your needs cannot be met by existing resources at the UoC Library. Any materials or items received via ILL is by permission of the lending library.

The form for ILL can be downloaded here
Document Delivery Service (DDS)
DDS provides students, academicians and researchers copies of articles from books, journals and other materials which are not available at the University of Cyberjaya Library. Users need to complete the DDS Form and submit the request to the Circulation Counter or via email. All current students and staff of the University of Cyberjaya can request materials via DDS.

What is the procedure?
Kindly fill up the DDS Form completely and submit to the Circulation Counter or via email. The form can be downloaded here
Information Literacy
The Information Literacy programme or also known as the Information Skills Class provided by the University of Cyberjaya Library & Knowledge Management Centre gives guidance to users (especially new users) in identifying  information that they need. This service is open to all students, staff (both academic and non-academic). Through this programme, users are taught how to get accurate information from reliable sources, training users to be effective information seekers.
Online Public Access Catalogue
The University of Cyberjaya Library and Knowledge Management Centre uses VIRTUA LMS; an integrated library management system provided by VTLS. This web-based library system records all titles that enter into the Library. Users can use the Web Online Public Access Catalogue (Web OPAC) to search, browse, renew and even reserve library materials and items. Through our networking facilities, all information and online collections are easily accessed and effectively distributed to the user. Users can access Web OPAC here
Thesis Room
There are two Thesis Rooms that may be booked for use during library opening hours. Those who want to use these rooms must first fill up the Thesis Room Booking Form (available at Circulation Counter) and submit it to the Circulation Counter.
Discussion Room
There are five Discussion Rooms available in the library. Bookings can be made by completing the Room Reservation Request Form that are available at the Circulation Counter, where it should also be submitted. The rooms are given on a first come, first served basis.
Free wireless Internet access is available at the University of Cyberjaya’s Library.
An online resource is any information source that the University of Cyberjaya Library provides access to in an electronic format. The library purchases subscriptions to various electronic information resources to provide you with access to them free of charge. Before accessing these online databases, (i.e EBSCO, BMJ OnExamination, BMJ Best Practice, BMJ Journals & BMJ Learning), students must register for an OpenAthens account first. Please log in before accessing the databases below.
BMJ Learning
BMJ Learning offers high-quality continuing medical education for doctors and other healthcare professionals. It features hundreds of accredited, peer-reviewed learning modules in text, video, and audio formats.
BMJ Journals
BMJ Journals publishes a broad range of medical specialties, public health, and evidence-based journals to support the research and current awareness needs of clinicians and researchers across a diverse range of specialties. It mainly consists of clinical titles, which have linked references from free access to full text of cited articles hosted by HighWire Press.
Solid background in both theoretical and applied medical education research which helped with medical revision for user especially doctors. As the leading provider of online medical revision, BMJ OnExamination help people prepare for their medical exams. On average over 8,000 BMJ OnExamination questions are answered every hour across the world. With the amount of activity and number of customers, the website’s uptime is at 99.9%.
FEBSCOhost is an intuitive online research platform used by thousands of institutions and millions of users worldwide. With quality databases and search features, EBSCOhost helps researchers of all kinds find the information they need fast.
SCOPUS - Scopus is Elsevier's comprehensive source-neutral abstract and citation database curated by independent subject matter experts who are recognized leaders in their fields.
General Requirements

The Library is accessible to all staff, students or members officially registered with University of Cyberjaya (UoC). The use of the library however, is governed by its rules and regulations set forth herewith.

The operating hours of the UoC Library is available on the University Library website and in front of the library entrance.

For the Library to carry out its functions effectively, as well as for the benefit of other Library user, the UoC Library requires all user to comply with the following general rules and regulations:

  1. Display your Student / Staff ID card upon entering the Library.
  2. You must be decently dressed and should conduct yourself properly in the Library.
  3. All Library users must observe silence in the Library and its environments at all times
  4. As seating in the Library is limited, reservation of seat is not permitted. The Library staff may remove books and personal belongings left for any length of time on chairs and table.
  5. The discussion rooms are to be used strictly for group discussions only.
  6. The Librarian on duty has the right to request you to leave the premise if you are found to be violating any of its rules.
  7. An announcement will be made ten minutes prior to closing time and you must vacate the premise punctually.
  8. The Library will not be held responsible for the loss or misplacement of personal belongings.
  9. The Librarian is empowered to withhold the Library facilities if there is any infringement of these rules.
  10. The Management may amend the Library Rules and Regulations as and when necessary.
Library General Policy

General Prohibitions

The following items and actions are prohibited in the Library:

  1. Smoking, including electronic cigarettes (e-cigarettes).
  2. Consumption of food and drinks (except for plain water in a covered bottle).
  3. Playing games or any non-academic related activities.
  4. Pets of any kind, living or non-living.
  5. Talking excessively loudly, shouting, or chatting noisily with other user or on mobile phones.
  6. Any user who causes disturbance in the Library or who refuses to abide by Library rules may be directed by the Librarian or security personnel to leave the Library.
Roving is when the Librarian moves throughout the Library to locate users making excessive noise disturbances or eat in the Library. This is done on every floor regularly during peak hours.  
Cyberjaya Campus

Contact Details

Hawa Naimah Kamarudin
603 – 83137000 ext. 7282

Ahmad Azim Pikeri
603 – 83137000 ext. 7280

Noraida Zakaria
603–83137000 ext. 7189

Sepang Resource Centre

Contact Details

Norhafisza Remllee
603 – 8706 3371

Melaka Resource Centre

Contact Details

Siti Norshiela Md Shaib
606-231 0850

Manjung Resource Centre

Contact Details

Azida Mat Isa
605 – 6887067

University of Cyberjaya Library Website



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