24 Nov 2023
8 mins read

A Chat with Tammam Dandy, UoC's New Student Council President

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In the vibrant tapestry of university life, student leaders play a pivotal role in shaping the campus experience for their peers. At the heart of the University of Cyberjaya, a new chapter unfolds with the appointment of Tammam Dandy, hailing from Syria, as the Student Council President. In this interview, we delve into Tammam's journey, his aspirations for the student community, and the exciting plans he envisions for a more vibrant and inclusive campus life.

What specific qualities do you consider most important in a leader within a university setting?

In university life, time management is crucial to balancing academics, hobbies, and enjoying time with your loved ones. However, when a leadership responsibility comes your way, it becomes challenging yet electrifying. A leader among the student community has to take their role seriously while considering their university mates' personal lives. This can be fulfilled through effective communication, adapting to the team's skills and capabilities, and committing to fostering a collaborative and inclusive student environment. These qualities could help boost the university experience and create a fruitful society where dreams and ambitions are endless.

What are some of your priorities for your term as student council president?

I spent the past few years pushing myself into situations where I am expected to lead and guide. My passion and experience have prompted me to run for the Student Council election for the academic year 23/24, as I envision that the student experience at UoC can be enriched.

Some priorities for our Student Council team include enhancing student engagement through diverse events, advocating for student needs, fostering a sense of community by defending and supporting students' voices, and working towards initiatives that promote the overall well-being of our student body. These goals all lead to one bigger aim, which is to ensure the credibility and capability of the Student Council in establishing a reliable and trustworthy platform for students to seek support and positive changes. In order to be a place where students can rely on and trust to make a change, it is important to understand that the Student Council is meant to be for the students and by the students.

How did your involvement in student activities (clubs/societies) make your university experience richer?

My journey with student activities has helped me experience critical thinking situations and explore my creativity in ways that might not have been noticed earlier. Engaging in such activities and events is significant for your mental health, as it acts as a medium to interact with the community and the outer world. Moreover, involving myself in several activities and programmes has given me the opportunity to come face-to-face with wonderful people and build connections with experts. This has led to the improvement of my communication skills and the adoption of the proper protocols in professional fields.

What has been your most rewarding experience studying Biomedical Engineering Technology, and what are your personal career goals?

I am grateful to be  involved in the health care field and being a part of the process to improve  technology for a better future. I am also glad to have achieved flying colours in my academic performance as I consider it a meaningful goal to complete my degree as a successful and qualified engineer for society. I aspire to become a multi-talented engineer capable of blending engineering elements and business opportunities to accommodate more modern services and pave the way for the new generation of engineers that will help the community and enhance the biomedical engineering field.

What do you like about the University of Cyberjaya?

There are numerous things that I like about the University of Cyberjaya, starting with the amazing city where our campus is located. The green environment and the ‘chill’ vibes make my time here in Cyberjaya memorable. The modernised campus creates safe and enjoyable moments while studying or wandering around. The  diversity here at the University of Cyberjaya gives me the chance to make new friends from all around the world and allow me to learn and immerse myself in new cultures. It also made me more adaptable and to have a  more open-minded perspective. All these advantages create the opportunity for a more enjoyable student experience to achieve the university's vision and enrich positivity in student uni-life.

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