Students and Staff of the University of Cyberjaya Receive COVID-19 Disaster Relief Aid

Students and Staff of the University of Cyberjaya Receive COVID-19 Disaster Relief Aid 

Cyberjaya, 13th December 2021 – Students and staff of the University of Cyberjaya were grateful to find out that they were eligible to receive the COVID-19 patient disaster relief aid of RM200 from Tabung Amanah Zakat & Kebajikan University Cyberjaya (TAZUoC).

Radhiah Abu Bakar, staff from Student Experiences and Global Engagement (SEGE) UoC who was infected with the COVID-19 virus last May did not think that TAZUoC would prepare the aid. The aid helped her to get medication to treat long-term health issues which COVID-19 patients face.

“Even though the sum is not as big; it was enough for me to purchase medication for post healthcare which did lighten some of my expenses. The COVID-19 virus is not only life-threatening, but it also disrupts the physical health of the patient. For instance, even with recovery, I find that I am quick to feel lethargic,” said Radhiah.

21-year-old Pharmacy student Lim Woan Fei who was also a recipient of this aid is also thankful for the assistance provided. Woan Fei finds that the aid should be continued as it indirectly provides emotional support to university residents who are infected with COVID-19.

“This aid is especially meaningful for students. I hope that this aid will continue so that it helps to reduce the financial burden of students as well as help to cover other expenses,” Woan Fei adds.

President of TAZUoC, Prof. Madya Mohamad Saidy Ismail announced that 23 students and 11 staff of the University of Cyberjaya received the aid which came up to a total of RM7,250.00.

He said, “This aid is a sign of support that TAZUoC extends to those who are infected with COVID-19 which we have provided to everyone regardless of their race. This aid has also been extended to international students. For their convenience, we directly deposited the money to their bank accounts, so they need not have to collect the cheque at the office”.

According to him, apart from disaster assistance for Covid-19 patients, TAZUoC also provides two other forms of assistance to help the University of Cyberjaya students and staff affected by the pandemic, namely special post-COVID-19 assistance given earlier this year to 13 recipients amounting to RM7,200.00, while the other was the COVID-19 disaster emergency assistance to a University of Cyberjaya student alumni in the form of a one-off, RM500.

If you are a patron of the university and have been tested positive for COVID-19, please send a copy of your IC, student card, and COVID-19 test results as well as your phone number and account number to Applications are open throughout the year.

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