22 Jun 2023
6 mins read

Research Collaboration and Student Opportunities with Yuan Ze University

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Cyberjaya, 21 June 2023 – The University of Cyberjaya continues its pursuit of fostering research collaboration and international student exchange programmes. Recently, we had the honour of hosting a distinguished delegation from Yuan Ze University, comprising esteemed faculty members, who visited our campus to explore potential partnerships and avenues for academic cooperation.

The delegation included Prof Dr Yi-Ming Sun, the Dean of the College of Engineering; Prof. Dr John Chi-Wei Lan, the Head of the Graduate School of Biotechnology and Bioengineering; and Prof Dr Li-Fen Huang, the Head of the Department of Biotechnology. Their visit aimed to engage in discussions with our Vice-Chancellor, Professor Dr. Zabidi Hussin, and our Director of Centre for Research & Graduate Studies, Associate Professor Dr. Grrace Ng Hui Suan, to identify mutually beneficial opportunities for collaboration.

The primary focus of this visit was to establish research collaborations between our esteemed institutions. Recognising the significance of collaborative research in driving scientific progress, the discussions centred around identifying areas of common interest and exploring possibilities for joint research projects. Both universities are committed to advancing knowledge in their respective fields and believe that collaborative research efforts can yield groundbreaking outcomes.

Furthermore, we take immense pride in announcing that one of our exceptional postgraduate students, Loke Ying Hui, currently pursuing a Master's degree in Pharmaceutical Sciences, has been selected for a prestigious research attachment at Yuan Ze University. This opportunity will provide Loke Ying Hui with invaluable exposure to a different academic environment, diverse research methodologies, and a chance to work alongside esteemed scholars. Such international research attachments play a vital role in enhancing students' academic and professional growth, broadening their horizons, and equipping them with a global perspective.

"I am incredibly thankful for the chance to gain valuable experience at Yuan Ze University, Taiwan. The support and resources provided by University of Cyberjaya have been instrumental in advancing my research about medicated chocolate for schizophrenia patients to address the critical issue of non-compliance. I look forward to broadening the horizons of my research at Yuan Ze University," says Loke Ying Hui.

Yuan Ze University is generously opening up opportunities for research attachments for the university’s postgraduate students throughout the year. This initiative reflects the commitment of both institutions to nurturing the growth and development of aspiring researchers.

Established in 1989, Yuan Ze University has quickly emerged as a model for newly established universities in Taiwan. The institution places a strong emphasis on research, housing key research centres such as the Fuel Cell Center and Communications Research Centres. These centres integrate resources and talents from various engineering-related departments, contributing to the university's overall teaching and research capacity.

University of Cyberjaya is committed to providing a vibrant and globally connected learning environment, where students and faculty members can thrive, engage in cutting-edge research, and contribute to society through their scholarly pursuits. We are excited about the future prospects and look forward to further strengthening our partnerships with esteemed institutions like Yuan Ze University, as we continue to strive for academic excellence and international collaboration.

This partnership contributes to the following SDGs:

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