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The rapidly expanding halal industry is relevant in catering to an ever-growing consumer base. Traditionally identifiable with the food sector, the halal practices have grown to cover other industrial segments such as commerce, transport, pharmaceuticals and cosmeceuticals among others. No longer viewed as solely a religious obligation, the Halal standards and principles has grown favourable worldwide due for its quality assurance and its compulsion for Toyyiban that confers the principle of hygiene, nutritive and ethical consumerism that benefit every individual equally regardless of religion.

Established on 20 July 2016, the (UoC Halal Science Center is formed to raise awareness on halal matters and develop specialised services especially in the field of pharmaceutical and cosmeceuticals. As one of the several centre of excellence existing in UoC, the Halal Science Centre offers a variety of services such as research and development on the alternatives of gelatine and magnesium stearate in pharmaceutical and cosmetics manufacturing, consultancy for small and medium enterprises applying for halal certification, substance analysis as well as offering training and consultancy for individuals and institutions embarking in the field of halal science.

The Centre is also in the process of developing mutually beneficial collaborations between various industrial key-players such as Standards Malaysia, Halal International Selangor, Halal Development Corporation, Jabatan Kemajuan Islam Malaysia and CCM Pharmaceuticals.



To achieve national and international recognition as a go-to halal hub for consultancy and services pertaining to halal pharmaceuticals and cosmeceuticals to meet the global demands for halal lifestyle.


To raise awareness on all-aspects of halal pharmaceuticals and cosmeceuticals by provision of training, consultancy, top quality research, halal testing and subsequent services to the Asia Pacific, Middle-East regions and globally.


The HSC’s Testing & Analytical Lab will provide analytical testing services that ensures compliance to MS2424: Halal Pharmaceuticals and other Halal Standards used in Malaysia and the Asean region. The lab will also be able to provide services to examine for gelatine, fatty acid profile, etc. The laboratory will be equipped with state-of-the-art instruments including Real Time-PCR, LC-MS2, GC-MS2, GC-FID, FTIR, etc. The Laboratory services are in the process of securing the ISO IEC 17025 accreditation.



The HSC Training and Consultation Unit provides training to establish expertise and competency in Halal Pharmaceutical. This unit also works jointly with UOC Excell, Halal Selangor International and Jakim in providing trainings on Halal GMP, Halal Awareness and Halal Certification Requirements, Halal Auditing as well as Halal Assurance System. Our training modules are tailor-made for a wide variety of audiences in the pharmaceutical industry. We also provide technical assistance and consultancy to the Pharmaceutical industry on Halal built in, Establishment of Halal Assurance System, Sertu for Pharmaceuticals as well as help identify Halal critical areas for pharmaceutical manufacturing.



A core function of UOC Halal Science Centre includes raising awareness in all aspects pertaining to the halal lifestyle with a focus on halal pharmaceuticals and halal cosmeceuticals. Activities include awareness campaigns and curated “Do You Know?” series to appeal to the masses, improvement of availability of information pertaining to the halal status of medications, patient and provider education on the halal formulary and halal product substitutions among others. A database of halal medication listings; urgently in need for Malaysia and the neighbouring region; a future aim of Halal Science Centre will serve to assure and comfort Muslims and non-Muslims alike seeking Halalan Toyyiban which guarantees safety, hygiene, nutritive and ethical consumerism that benefit every individual equally.



Marketing and networking services provide networking opportunities with a range of stakeholders that include customers and partner organisations, for example, JAKIM, Halal International Selangor (HIS), Jabatan Standard Malaysia and universities. Networking activities also aim at spreading good practice by promoting common standards and guidelines.

Malaysia aims to become a global Halal Hub by 2010 and hopes to raise its current global halal market share of 1% to 5% by 2010, by capitalising on the edge in trading, logistics, banking and halal certification. Concerted efforts, strategies and measures HAVE BEEN undertaken to support the development of halal industry as identified in the Second Industrial Master Plan, 1996 – 2005; the National Agriculture Policy, 1998 – 2010; the Ninth Malaysia Plan (9MP), 2006 – 2010; and the Third Industrial Master Plan (IMP3), 2006 – 2020. In addition, the Cabinet of Malaysia has approved the Halal Master Plan, addressing issues of certification, sectored development, Halal integrity, implementation, timeframes and responsibilities by May 2008 till 2020. One of the strategic thrust that have been set for the development and promotion of Malaysia as the global halal hub is enhancing R&D in product and process developments and leveraging upon latest technological developments to expand the product range.

In support of the national agenda, the Halal Science Centre has actively promoted halal pharmaceutical research since 2014 including  an ongoing pharmaceutical research to discover an alternative to existing of lubricant and stabilizers in the market. The list of research title and supervisor involved are as follows:


Research Title: Knowledge and Perception of Halal Status of Pharmaceuticals Among Civil Servants in Putrajaya.

Student: Hanusha A/P Gunasekharan

Supervisor: Mdm. Nurdiana Jamil

Year: 2017


Research Title: A study On Consumer Purchase Intention towards Halal Cosmetics and Personal Care Products in Selangor, Malaysia.

Student: Atifah Fakhriyah Bt Zulfakar

Supervisor: Mdm Aslinda Jamil

Year: 2017


Research Title: Qualitative study on Issues and challenges in Implementation of MS2424 Sertu Guidelines in Pharma industry.

Student: Ahmad Aiman Syazwan Bin Azhar

Supervisor: Mdm Suraiya

Year: 2017


Research Title: Qualitative study on Halal Built-in management in manufacturing Halal pharmaceutical.

Student: Nur Farhanah Binti Mohd Noordi

Supervisor: Mdm Suraiya

Year: 2017


Research Title: Halal Built-in Management in manufacturing halal pharmaceutical Industry.

Student: Hanisah Binti Ibrahim

Supervisor: Mdm Suraiya

Year: 2017


Research Title: Halal Testing: Evaluation of the effects of Pharmaceutical excipients towards efficiency of polymerase chain reaction.

Student: Khadijah bin Shamsul Bahrain

Supervisor: Dr Wan Rosalina

Year: 2017


Research Title: Assessment of health care providers’ awareness about Halal Medicine.

Student: Siti Aishah Binti Muhamad

Supervisor: Dr Yaman Kasab

Year: 2017


Research Title: Identification of levels of triglyceride amounts in different animal oils (Including pork).

Student: Reshpreet Kaur A/P Pajan Singh

Supervisor: Ismin Izwani Zainol Abidin

Year: 2017


Research Title: Difference in the lubrication efficiency of porcine, bovine and vegetable-derived magnesium stearate in paracetamol tableting).

Student: Muhammad Aiman Izzat Bin Abu Hanipah

Supervisor: Dr Shamima Abdul Rahman

Year: 2017


Completed Halal Research in 2016


Research Title: The Qualitative Study on Implementation of MS2424 Sertu Guidelines in Pharmaceutical Industry; Processes, Issues and Challenges.

Student: Fatin Zulaikha

Supervisor: Mdm. Suraiya Abdul Rahman


Research Title: Qualitative Studies on Malaysian Halal Pharmaceutical Guidelines with other MABIM and Islamic countries. Harmonization with MABIM countries.

Student: Muhammad Izwan bin Muhammad Faizal

Supervisor: Mdm. Suraiya Abdul Rahman



Completed Halal Research in 2015


Research Title: Knowledge, Attitude and Perception Regarding the Importance of Halal Status of Prescription Medications among Patients in Private Hospital.

Student: Puteri Noor Amyrah Binti Khoderun

Supervisor: Datin Mariani Ahmad Nizaruddin


Research Title: Production of Halal Oral Cholera DNA Vaccine – Investigation of porcine contaminations in the commonly used medium and reagents in the production by using Real-Time Polymerase Chain Reaction.

Student: Asma Nadhirah

Supervisor: Mdm. Suraiya Abdul Rahman


Research Title: Descriptive Analysis of Trend and Adoption Rate of Halal Pharmaceutical Standard.

Student: Amylia Hanani

Supervisor: Mdm. Suraiya Abdul Rahman


Research Title: Common challenges faced by Malaysian manufacturers in adopting halal pharmaceutical standard.

Student: Tasnim

Supervisor: Mdm. Suraiya Abdul Rahman



Completed Halal Research in 2014


Research Title: Evaluation of The Halal Status of Respiratory Medications.

Student: Siti Nor Amirah Mohd Isa

Supervisor: Dr Wan Rosalina


Research Title: Exploring the Halal Status Of Anti-Infective Agents.

Student: Izyani Mohd Zukri

Supervisor: Dr Wan Rosalina


Research Title: Halal Status of Dermatological Medicine Used in PPUM And HAT TM.

Student: Ahmad Fahim Fathullah Jabir Fathullah

Supervisor: Dr Wan Rosalina


Research Title: Halal Status of Musculoskeletal Medicines in PPUM and HTM.

Student: Nirosha Chandniran

Supervisor: Dr Wan Rosalina


Research Title: The Halal Status of Medication Affecting the Central Nervous System.

Student: Nadia Aini Datu Rosmadi

Supervisor: Mdm. Nurdiana Jamil


Research Title: Halal Status of Dietary Supplements and Oncology Drugs.

Student: Perasna Mahendra Varma

Supervisor: Mdm. Suraiya Abdul Rahman


Research Title: Halal Status of Endocrine & Hormonal Medications and The Study on The Knowledge and Awareness of The Halal Status Among Public.

Student: Zalikha Anith Zabir

Supervisor: Mr. Ahmad Rashidi


Research Title: Exploring Halal Status on Cardiovascular Medication and To Study the Knowledge and Awareness of Halal Status Among Public.

Student: Raihana Roslan

Supervisor: Mr. Ahmad Rashidi


Research Title: Exploring the Halal Status of A Git & Hepatolobiliary System Medication & Patient Awareness.

Student: Farhana Naosherwan Anwar

Supervisor: Dr. Afendi Dahlan

Suraiya Abdul Rahman

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