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At the University of Cyberjaya (UoC) Health and Psychology Clinic, we provide a full range of psychological assessments and therapies for adults and children.

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Our trainees and professionals provide therapeutic services to help patients deal with issues related to their mental health conditions.
We provide a wide range of assessments that may help identify mental health conditions and other issues that may be impacting the client.
Psychology Project
UoC Health and Psychology Clinic also offer psychology-based projects such as performing mental health screening for the public.
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About our clinic

University of Cyberjaya (UoC) Health and Psychology Clinic offers various psychological services, from assessments to providing psychotherapy for people. The clinic is mainly run by our Masters in Clinical Psychology (MCP) students along with professionals from clinical psychology and counselling background.

Meet the team

Meet the fellow members with background in Clinical Psychology, Child Psychology, and Counselling from the Faculty of Psychology and Social Sciences


Associate Professor Dr. Anasuya Jegathevi Jegathesan
BMgmt (Hons), MBA (IT), MEd(G&C), DCouns.
Dr. Anasuya holds a Doctorate in Counselling and has worked at HELP University and Taylor’s University in leading various undergraduate and postgraduate psychology & counselling programmes. Dr. Anasuya received her Research Doctorate for Counseling Psychology from the University of South Australia in 2007 and has since been active in the academic line dedicated towards counselling and psychology.

After her stint as an Associate Professor at HELP University for almost a decade, Dr. Anasuya went on to become the Psychology Programme Director at Taylor’s University. In 2020, she became the Director for the Centre for Human Excellence and Development as well as the Programme Director for the University’s Master of Counselling Psychology. She is registered with the Board of Counsellors of Malaysia (KB01346, PA01302).



Clinical Psychologist, Clinical Coordinator, lecturer

Child Psychologist, lecturer

Clinical Psychologist, lecturer

Clinical Psychologist, lecturer

Counselor, lecturer


At UoC Health and Psychology Clinic, we provide therapy for disorders such as Bipolar and Related Disorders, Depressive Disorders, Anxiety Disorders, Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder, etc using various approaches such as Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT), Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT), that suits the client's therapeutic goals.
Note: Free services will only be available for the first 5 (five) sessions for the public by Clinical Psychologist Trainee. However, registration fee of RM 50 is COMPULSORY. The services will be free for all UoC students and staff.
Therapy Session: Individual Psychotherapy (not less than 60 minutes and not more than 1 hour 45 minutes)
Clinical Psychologist Trainee: RM50 (per session)
Professional Clinical Psychologist: RM150 (per session)
Therapy Session: Group Psychotherapy (not less than 5 people)
Clinical Psychologist Trainee: RM80 (per session)
Professional Clinical Psychologist: RM 100 per pax (per session)
Therapy Session: Family Psychotherapy
Clinical Psychologist Trainee: RM80 (per session)
Professional Clinical Psychologist: RM 220 (per session)


At UoC Health and Psychology Clinic, you can receive wide ranges of comprehensive assessment(s) to finally understand the root causes of your presenting concerns in yourself or your child’s.

Note: Registration fee of RM 50 is COMPULSORY. The services will be free for all UoC students and staff.

Type of cases we assess:

We are able to provide psychological assessment for clients for children and adults, which include:

  • Neurodevelopmental disorders (Intellectual Disability, Autism, Specific Learning Disorder)
  • Bipolar and Related Disorders
  • Depressive Disorders
  • Anxiety Disorders
  • Obsessive-Compulsive and Related Disorders
  • Personality Disorders

Psychological assessment tools available

At UoC Health and Psychology Clinic, we have a full range of the latest psychological assessment tools for various age ranges. These assessments are internationally recognized and valid for psychological testing.

Among our inventory are:
  • Vineland Adaptive Behaviour Scale – 3rd Edition (VABS-3) H/S Complete Kit
  • Wechsler Adult Intelligence Scale – 3rd Edition (WAIS-III) and 4th Edition (WAIS-IV)
  • Wechsler Intelligence Scale for Children – 4th Edition (WISC-IV) and 5th Edition (WISC-V)
  • Wechsler Preschool and Primary Scale of Intelligence – 3rd Edition (WPPSI-III)
  • Wechsler Memory Scale – 3rd Edition (WMS-III) and 4th Edition (WMS-IV)
  • Comprehensive Test of Nonverbal Intelligence (CTONI-2)
  • Dyslexia Screening Test – Junior (DST-J)
  • Gilliam Autism Rating Scale – 3rd Edition (GARS-3)
  • Conners’ Adult ADHD Rating Scales (CAARS)
  • Minnesota Multiphasic Personality Inventory -2nd Edition (MMPI-2)

Assessment rates

The rates of the assessment depends on the type of tools used, but here are the rates of most requested assessment tools:

  • Intelligence quotient (IQ) assessment: RM 350
  • Dyslexia Screening: RM 200
  • Gilliam Autism Rating Scale: RM 50
  • Conners 3 (ADHD): RM 100

Along with the assessment, we also charge:

  • Brief Psychological Report: RM 50 (trainee), RM 80 (clinical coordinator)
  • Full Psychological Report: RM150 (trainee), RM 300 (clinical coordinator)
Note: Registration fee of RM 50 is mandatory for all service type.

How to book an appointment with us?

Kindly note that our sessions are on appointment basis only.

To book an appointment with us, please fill in this form. We will get back to you shortly via email or mobile phone.
Level 2, UoC Health and Psychology Clinic, Persiaran Bestari, Cyber 11, 63000 Cyberjaya, Selangor
+60 11-1308 1822 (WhatsApp only)

Opening Hours (No walk-ins)
Mon - Sat: 9:00 am – 5:00 pm

Common Queries

If you have any further questions, feel free to drop us a question here. We will contact you soon via Email.
I have registered. When will I get my appointment?
We will be contacting you via email. Please do check the registered email frequently for any updates from our clinical psychology trainee or clinical coordinator.
What are the charges for assessment and therapy?
There will be a one-time registration fee of RM50. The first 5 sessions are free of charge. The subsequent sessions will be RM50 per session. The fee for the assessments varies depending on the situation. We will brief you during your session along with the assessment recommendation.
Is the session / clinic discrimination free? (LGBTQ, religions, sexual relationship issue, abuse, suicide etc.)
Yes, our clinic and university believe in a nonjudgmental practice, and we accept diversity. We are welcoming of all individuals, regardless of their background.


Leave us any questions and we will get back to you shortly.
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