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Student’s Amenities

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Convenience Store

MyNews is here on campus!

Staff and students can enjoy hot drinks, refreshments and popular grab and go food items. Students don’t have to go out to get what they need as everything is attainable within their reach.

Campus Cafeteria

The campus cafeteria caters for 300 to 500 people at a time. This convenient setting within campus serves a variety of mouth-watering delicacies, both local and international dishes. Among the dishes sold here include Nasi Arab, Kebab, Pasta, Nasi Lemak, Soto, Roti Canai, Malay dishes and the list continues. Apart from that, the prices are reasonable for students and staff.


Enjoy your break on campus with Coffee Bru or in a cafe called VietDekat. Students can treat themselves to hot beverages at Coffee Bru as well as local and western delicacies. Additionally, VietDekat offers authentic Vietnamese food with special student discounts.

There’s plenty of choice of food and beverages offered in University of Cyberjaya to keep you going throughout the day.