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The world’s population is increasing and is expected to reach 9.6 billion people by 2050. With the risk of climate change and increasing world population, food insecurity is an issue that needs to be addressed. Importing food to meet society needs increases cost and carbon footprint. The depletion of natural resources, deforestation, biodiversity loss and climate change are some of the environmental impacts of agriculture. Industrial agriculture relies heavily on pesticides and chemical fertilizers which compromise health. The challenges faced by farmers are Covid-19 pandemic, genetic engineering, irrigation problems, pollutants, pests, diseases, soil degradation, waste, and economic insecurity. There are growing demands for organic produce free from chemicals.

This initiative is brought to you by the University of Cyberjaya’s Sustainability Committee with an aim to create awareness on sustainable farming and empower the community through this effort.

Sustainable Farming

Integrates environmental health, economic profitability, and social equity, meeting present society food needs without compromising the ability for future generations to meet their needs. It promotes cost reduction, biodiversity, fair trade and controls air pollution and soil erosion.  It also enhances the quality of life for farm families and communities.

Some of the sustainable farming practices are:

  • Regenerative agriculture
  • Permaculture
  • Crop rotation
  • Organic farming
  • Natural fertilisers
  • Natural pest control
  • Hydroponics
  • Aquaponics

Farmers' Marketplace

It is an online marketplace for farmers practicing sustainable farming to promote their fresh produce from farm to table, sustainable food products and sustainable farming supplies for farmers and community gardeners while maintaining physical distancing due to Covid-19 pandemic.

Learn More With The Experts

Webinar on
Sustainable Farming

Sustainable Farming Webinar is a free two series webinar specially targeted for farmers and food producers, students, community gardeners and the public interested in farming.

Watch the recorded webinars below.


Chia Yong Ling

Langit Collective
Langit is a social enterprise that aspires to bring economic empowerment to rural communities and smallholder farmers. Working directly with communities to bring their heirloom rice and spices to a larger audience. Grown naturally with non-GMO seeds and nurtured by nature’s rich biodiversity.

Muneeb Bin Yousuf

Chief Sustainability Officer,
Urban Hijau
Urban Hijau produces locally grown wholesome food and train people to do the same. Empowering communities to take care of their own waste and help to establish sustainable urban farms within their own neighborhoods.

Anthony Wong Kim Hooi

Managing Director,
Frangipani Resort and Spa
Frangipani Resort is a green resort in Langkawi Island, Malaysia implementing wastewater treatment using the wetland system to help solve wastewater issue. Anthony K.H Wong is experienced in integrated natural farming which uses resources available on farm reducing outside resources.

Francis Chuah

Urban Farm Tech Sdn Bhd
Urban Farm Tech based in Cyberjaya provides consultation and setup services in smart farming - vertical farming, indoor farming system and aquaponic system. They also empower youths and B40 communities with trainings and education in urban farming.

Will Chua

Folo Farms
FOLO stands for Feed Our Loved Ones. FOLO Farm is a family-run farm on a mission to feed the community with nutritionally packed organic vegetables and with a vision to create a whole movement of community and wellness by inspiring others to join and form FOLO-type farms.

Harbir Gill

Founder, Ground Control
Ground control produces premium composts, soils and mulches for farmers, landscapers, and home gardeners. They also teach composting, soil blends and how to mimic the rainforest and build a no-dig garden bed.

Recorded Webinar


Recorded on 11 September 2021 (Saturday)

Regenerative agriculture

Chia Yong Ling, 

Co-Founder, Langit Collective


Muneeb Bin Yousuf

Chief Sustainability Officer, Urban Hijau

Natural Farming

Anthony Wong Kim Hooi

Managing Director of Frangipani Resort and Spa


Faisal Mohammed Hanif Girach is lecturer at the Faculty of Traditional and Complementary Medicine, University of Cyberjaya. He is a homeopathic practitioner with research interest in homeopathy for agriculture. He has experience in urban gardening especially with edible plants. 


Recorded on 18 September 2021 (Saturday)

Smart Farming

Francis Chuah

Founder, Urban Farm Tech

Organic Farming

Will Chua

Co-Founder, Folo Farm

Healthy soil and Compost

Harbir Gill

Founder, Ground Control


Anni Mitin, Advisor of Malaysian Agroecology Society (SRI-Mas), has worked extensively on the areas of food sovereignty, food security and fair-trade practices in agriculture. She is active in promoting sustainable production and consumption in food systems from the perspectives of farmer and consumer rights.

Check Out Our Partners Intiatives

Langit Collective

Langit promotes unique and heirloom agricultural produce by smallholder farmers from East Malaysia to larger markets. Product are sourced directly from farmers and procured at a fair price.

FOLO Farm Malaysia

FOLO Farm was pioneered by Dr. Lemuel and three other families in 2014 with a vision to feed the world nutritionally packed and superorganic vegetables by using food waste which is transformed to produce microbes-rich compost.

Frangipani Resort and Spa

In this program, ECONEWS shows the environmental advances developed by Anthony Wong, owner and director of the Frangipani Langkawi Resort and Spa. Professor Nancy Pearlman, ECONEWS host and life-long activist, explores the workings of the resort with Director Wong as her guide.

FOLO Farm Malaysia

Who we are, why we do what we do – this is a quick introduction to FOLO Farms.

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