Faculty of Business & Technology

Faculty of Business & Technology

About the Faculty

The Faculty of Business & Technology was established in an effort to enhance and expand the university’s management related programmes. The Faculty has developed innovative programs at the undergraduate and graduate levels and seeks to establish a reputation for exceptional quality in management education. It offers the only MBA in Malaysia with a particular focus on healthcare management as well as strategic leadership. The MBA programme features a unique workshop based component that highlights key management competencies in an effort to prepare young executives for leadership roles.

Leveraging on the experience of its teaching staff, the faculty will also be offering two undergraduate programmes in business management and entrepreneurship. The Faculty is committed to ensuring its students are prepared to compete and succeed at the global stage by applying leadership, business knowledge and industry relevant skills to solve workplace challenges.

About the Dean

Prof. Dr. Mudiarasan Kuppusamy


Professor Dr Mudiarasan Kuppusamy is currently the Dean for Faculty of Business and Technology of the University of Cyberjaya. Professor Mudiarasan @ Arasan has a PhD in Management from Western Sydney University, Australia and specialises in the field of Information Systems.

He has held the position of the Head for School of Business at the Asia Pacific University of Technology and Innovation, before embarking on a new role as the Head for Centre of Entrepreneurship and Innovation. He has worked in several Australian government research projects. Professor Mudiarasan is an ardent researcher and has published more than 50 articles and books to date. He has also embarked on various industrial and academic consultancy works and is a member of Malaysia’s 5G Task Force. He supervises doctoral and postgraduate students in the area of digitalisation and data science.