About Us

About Us

University of Cyberjaya (UoC) is a 5-star university in Malaysia

University of Cyberjaya (UoC) is a top-tier university in Malaysia as reflected in the latest Ministry of Higher Education’s SETARA ratings which has accorded UoC a 5-star rating on par with leading public universities by the Malaysian Ministry of Higher Education.

Established in 2005, and with an investment of almost RM200 million, the university is located in Cyberjaya, Malaysia’s first smartcity on a 5 acre, modern, fully equipped, green-friendly campus. The campus is surrounded by lush greeneries and provide a serene backdrop for a conducive environment for student living and learning.

UoC now offers almost 40 programmes, including undergraduate, postgraduatetaught and postgraduate-research programmes across a wide set of disciplines. These include medical sciences, pharmaceutical sciences, psychology, physiotherapy, homeopathic medical sciences, business and biomedical technology engineering among others.

The University, together with its affiliated institutions currently have a student population of over 7,000, have produced more than 11,000 successful graduates.


Backed by over a decade of teaching excellence, we are staffed by over 200 industry-leading academicians and scholars who are committed to research and advancing the human knowledge.

Our professors and lecturers were former senior management, consultants and industrial professionals from leading organizations including the Ministry of Health, Malaysian Nuclear Agency, National Anti-Drugs Agency, Pharmacy Board and National Homeopathic Medical Council among others.

Our academicians continue to form strong partnerships through industry collaborations and joint research projects. Our partners include leading pharmaceuticals corporations and public research universities.


Our commitment to our students’ future is reflected in how we deliver quality education. Our teaching model creates an environment of active personal participation and involvement in group learning such as problem-based-learning (PBL) sessions that enhances positive teamwork and leadership. We provide a holistic learning experience that emphasizes on reflection sessions, peer, self and mentor feedback to ensure an all rounded assessment.

To provide a rich university experience, the University works with various student clubs and societies. Our collaboration with MERCY Malaysia in forming a Young Mercy programme is unique among the universities in Malaysia as it allows our students to experience volunteer relief operations first hand which adds to the uniqueness of the University of Cyberjaya.